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About the Club

The Beer Sheva Badminton Club was officially established in March 2015 and has since been managed as an Independent Sports Association. The club currently has about 40 adult players who play almost daily and come to train, including some players competing in the district league of the National Badminton Association. The adult group trains twice a week in the Rabin School gym in Be'er Sheva. The children also train twice a week in the Mekif Alef high school gym.

The Be'er Sheva Badminton Club group is more than just a bunch of people who meet several times a week. "Even more than friends, the team members are one big family that is constantly growing."

The Badminton Be'er Sheva Club is:
  • Over 40 grown-ups
  • Over 10 children
  • Two trainings a week
  • One family
The Coach

Oren Itzhak is the Team Coach and Club Manager. His passion for the game of Badminton and the Beer Sheva Badminton Club has enabled the Club to grow significantly in the last few years. Oren is also a badminton Umpire and officiates at competitions in Israel and abroad.

Zuzu Project

A unique program of the Athletics Department and the School Athletic Association designed to expose students to different and varied sports, as well as provide a third hour of sports for sixth graders in selected schools. Each year, 10 selected schools receive an additional activity hour based on the number of sixth graders in their school. Each class receives one extra hour of activity per week.

Beit Ha Lohem Activities

The IDF disabled are trained twice a week by one of the team members, Raziel Avraham, who is also a certified Badminton Coach. Raziel has been coaching at Beit Halohem since 2019.

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